Tutorial [Java]: Creating a Snake Game [Part 01] - Introduction

Note: I have completely rewritten and improved this game. Most of my traffic comes from these posts, so I've not deleted them. Please use the new version which can be found here.

Snake is a classic game in which the player controls a snake that moves around and eats fruit. With each piece of fruit that the snake eats, it grows in length by one, and the player earns one point. The player loses the game when the snake either collides with it's tail, or a wall.

This tutorial series will cover the creation of the snake game from start to finish, and will provide full source code at the end. The tutorial will be broken up into several parts, each covering a different section of the game before putting it all together and supplying the source code at the end.

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7 Responses to Tutorial [Java]: Creating a Snake Game [Part 01] - Introduction

  1. Thank a lot for the tutorial. Well done lads!!!

  2. No problem, mate. Granted, it's not the greatest (I've never been great at writing tutorials like this, as I always go back after the fact and change things around to fix minor bugs, or implement new features), but it works. :P

  3. OHHH!! Thanks, Man!
    You have done a god job for mee too. It's my school work to create such a snake game. I will start trying that out from tomorrow. Isn't it okay if I ask u about any part of that in case I don't understand?

  4. Yeah, feel free. I'd recommend using the newer version of the game though. It's much cleaner and has better documentation.

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